Desinere & Tinge

Project Description

A collaboration between Desinere and Tinge, Lueur is a series of lamps with a quiet ambition to influence the way you look at lighting.

Piecing together two singular yet parallel design sensibilities, the studios conceived a unique mix of minimal yet playful designs. Utilising premium materials, Lueur is a modern line produced by traditional, artisanal handicraft.

Available in a range of hues from the deeply austere to the ostentatious, each colour exudes a vastly different mood to tailor to different environments. Having said that, the bulk of the collection is celebrated in muted pastels and neon, enhancing Lueur’s contemporary appeal. The use of incongruous materials and colours also reveal its secretly fractious nature.

The result is an enigmatic interpretation that harmonises ambitious design with an understated subtlety. It doesn’t take away from the surroundings but quietly draws you in with its compelling anatomy and warm glow.