Common Vessels

Furniture Installation

Project Description

Common Vessels – A SingaPlural ‘Design larger than life’ installation at Parkmall Singapore.

We consume and then replace objects quickly, and without thought. It has become a somewhat instinctive and unconscious process.

Is it possible to encourage a considered sensitivity towards the environment? How might we cultivate a spirit of sustainability?

We think the essence of sustainability is innovation of a decidedly low-tech kind – the kind that resists and refuses redundancy, which reuses objects in simple and intuitive ways.

We thus created a new series of furniture pieces that are almost complete, deliberately leaving voids in structurally fundamental points.

We invite you to find innovative ways to fill these voids with objects that are supposedly past their prime, that are apparently losing their relevance.

The new is thus merely a conduit for a revival of the old. And the old becomes an anchor for the new to exist purposefully